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HNN : a Haskell Neural Network library

Posted in Uncategorized by alpmestan on 2009/12/22


Few months ago, I started working on a neural network library, in Haskell. The result wasn’t that bad, but needed some additional work. Past days, I’ve worked a bit on that code again to get a releasable and usable 0.1 version of HNN up and working. For example, the weights, inputs and outputs are of type UArr Double now (they were of type [Double] before).

You can find the source code there :
Also, I’ve built a minimal documentation. You can find it here :

To get the current code and test it :

$ git clone git://
$ cd HNN
$ cabal configure
$ cabal build
$ cabal install (to add it in your ghc package list, etc)
$ cabal haddock (to generate the documentation)

I plan to put this on Hackage soon, but I would like to get some feedback & reviews about it before.

Thank you !

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